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Varta Calcium-Silver Battery Technology

Modern cars need modern solutions: conventional batteries are simply not designed to cope with the ever increasing sophisticated electronics of today's cars. As well as providing a continuous and reliable power source for lighting, heating, radio and CD, today's car battery has to cope with much more. Many of the features on modern cars which we take for granted - ABS braking, mobile 'phone charging and the engine management system for example - place significant demand on your car battery. It's no wonder conventional batteries really can't take the strain.

Varta's patented Calcium-Silver Battery Technology is specifically designed to combat the strain placed on today's car batteries by such sophisticated electronics, and to cope with the impact of modern motoring such as frequent short journeys, stop-start motoring, and higher under-bonnet temperatures. By adding Silver to the composition of the battery's positive plate, and by incorporating all-round improvements in design and technological features, these batteries are quite simply the most advanced car battery available, delivering unprecedented reliability, power and performance.

These batteries come in two options:

Varta Blue dynamic with Calcium-Silver Technology .
Varta Silver dynamic with Calcium-Silver Technology.

The benefits are overwhelming :

When compared with conventional batteries, it's no wonder that Varta Calcium-Silver Technology batteries are now fitted to all the top carmaker's latest models.

The power behind the world's modern cars.

silver Porsche and Varta silver Dynamic range

You simply can't beat the carmakers choice.

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