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Varta Commercial Vehicle Batteries

A superior range of batteries to give you more for your money. Unlike conventional batteries, Varta commercial vehicle batteries are vibration proof with special plate mountings to minimise the wear and tear of heavy usage on and off the road.

All the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers fit Varta as original equipment. Caterpillar, Claus, DAF, Fendt, Foden, JCB, John Deere, MAN, Mercedes, Scania, VW and Volvo all insist on Varta for factory fitment. And since all replacement Varta commercial vehicle batteries are manufactured to the same exacting high standards, there really isn't a substitute for the vehicle makers' original choice.

Varta commercial batteries

The Varta Heavy Duty range isn't just vibration-proof - it has extra thick plates to increase the cyclic capability of the battery. This means it's ideal for auxiliary power drains like tail-lifts and sleeper cabs. Unlike other batteries, the Varta definition "Heavy Duty" really does denote a technical specification.

Varta's Super Heavy Duty batteries really are the ultimate power source for working vehicles. With special, additional features such as new alloy technology to extend the battery's life, extra cyclic capacity and advanced construction techniques, this battery will last 30% longer than conventional "heavy duty" batteries. For extended use of auxiliary power drains like tail-lifts and sleeper cabs, don't fit anything less.

Superior performance as standard.

So fit the commercial vehicle makers original equipment choice for minimal risk of down-time.

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