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We can supply deep cycle batteries suitable for the marine / leisure market from leading manufacturers such as Deta, Sonnenschein, Squadron, Trojan and Varta in the following battery technologies : flooded lead acid - agm - gel.

Deta Orbital spiral agm 12 volt monobloc - 50 Ah

Sonnenschein dryfit Prevailer Gel 12V monoblocs - 74 to 215 Ah

Sonnenschein dryfit Sportline Gel 6V and 12V monoblocs - 24 to 200 Ah

Squadron flooded lead acid, agm and gel 6V and 12V monoblocs - 70 to 220 Ah

Trojan 6V, 8V and 12V flooded lead acid monoblocs- 85 to 395 Ah

Varta HD 12V flooded lead acid monoblocs - 60 to 205 Ah

Varta SHD 12V flooded lead acid monoblocs - 135 to 225 Ah

Varta ST 6V and 12V flooded lead acid monoblocs - 50 to 240 Ah

For larger marine or solar powered applications we can supply agm, gel or flooded lead acid / Ni-Cd high capacity cells / monoblocs.Contact us below for further details.

jet ski

For jet ski's we can supply agm, 'gel' or flooded lead acid batteries.

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