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A Varta battery for every application

The battery engineers at Varta know that battery reliability and performance are critical in commercial vehicle applications.So whatever the vehicle, Varta have designed and built a superior range of batteries that will give you more for your money.Unlike conventional batteries, all Varta commercial vehicle batteries come with special protection against vibration as standard, offering greater dependability and service life.

So whatever the application, you can be sure Varta has the right battery for every working vehicle.With 98% UK commercial vehicle parc coverage, we know that Varta's unrivalled range of replacement batteries covers the whole spectrum of commercial vehicle, bus and coach, agricultural and industrial applications, both on and off the road.

Commercial vehicles & coaches designed for long distances

Today's long distance lorry cabs and luxury coaches are fitted with every comfort. Air-conditioning, heated cabins, fridges, televisions and lighting constitute a multitude of electrical consumers, and place the battery under enormous strain. A battery to power theses applications must not only have outstanding starting performance, but also an extremely high cyclic (charge / discharge) capacity, for guaranteed reliability and a long life.

Commercial vehicles used for shorter distances, delivery trucks and vans

Whilst all commercial vehicle applications are subject to some cyclic demand, vehicles which are used for short distances or rely on power from the battery whilst stationary place increased cyclic strain on the battery.Conventional batteries simply can't provide the power required and will fail prematurely.

Agricultural and industrial applications

These applications demand at least Varta's robust vibration-proofing technology, which comes as standard on all Varta commercial vehicle batteries. And with the increasing comfort of modern cabs and the increased demand on the battery when starting the engine after long periods of disuse and in cold weather, both the cold-start capability of the battery and its ability to cope with increased cyclic operation are placed under additional strain.

Public service vehicles

The battery used for these applications often places greater demand on the cyclic capacity of the battery than a coach used for long distance travel.Travelling speed is often slower and with the frequent stopping and starting typical of these applications, the battery must have extreme cyclic durability to provide a long and reliable service life.

Electrical consumers on today's working vehicles

electrics on a modern lorry
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Benefits at a glance

Varta's comprehensive range of batteries come in three variations: Standard (incorporating vibration-proofing), Heavy Duty, and Super Heavy Duty, offering the customer the right choice, whatever the application.And with the Varta assurance of quality, the customer can be sure that the term "Heavy Duty", really does denote a tangible technical specification.

Varta Standard Batteries
Varta Heavy Duty Batteries
Varta Super Heavy Duty Batteries

Varta commercial batteries

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